What makes CBD MEDIC products so good?

  • The best FDA-approved pain-relieving ingredients
  • Expertly-developed formulations with the purest natural ingredients
  • The finest hemp extract we can obtain from certified growers
  • Consistent, highest quality manufacturing in a facility audited by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration)

For what types of pain can CBD MEDIC products be used?

Muscle Pain Arm & Shoulder Pain Repetitive Stress
Nerve Pain Foot Pain Tendon Pain
Back & Neck Pain Ligament Pain Arthritis
Leg & Knee Pain Sprains Hand & Wrist Pain
Joint Pain Hip & Torso Pain Bruises
And pain associated with
Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease
Neuropathy Medical Treatments
Multiple Sclerosis Lupus
Surgery Sciatica

What is the difference between creams and ointments?

  • CBD MEDIC Creams are water-based; meaning that distilled water makes up a portion of the formulation, which is blended with natural oils. Our creams are intended to absorb fast.
  • CBD MEDIC Ointments have no water. They are made with natural oils, specifically chosen to penetrate deep into muscles and joints.
  • The pain-relieving effect of our ointments generally last longer than creams. With creams, however, the scent (aroma) goes away sooner.

Can your products be shipped anywhere in the world?

For individual consumer shipments there should be no problem. For retailers and distributors outside the US, please contact the company.